True Grade Yukon Gold: The Benefits of Bulk Sampling in Gold Exploration’ December, 2018

Investing News Network ‘Respect Your Elders: First Nations Engagement Critical to Resource Exploration in Canada’ November, 2018

Resource World Article ‘First Yukon Gold Coin Makes History’ November, 2018

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Motherlode TV ‘What would you do with a Dore Bar?’ June, 2018

Precious Metals Summit Presentation, November 5th, 2018

Denver Gold Forum Presentation, September 25th, 2018

Metal Investors Forum Presentation, September 2018

Precious Metals Forum Presentation, September 2018

Resource World ‘First Yukon Gold Coin Makes History’

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CBC Radio Interview with Janet Lee Sheriff on the Yukon Mint, June 2018

Canadian Mining & Energy “The First Yukon Mint gold coins”

CBC Yukon Interview on the Elder-in-Residence Program

European Gold Forum Presentation, April 18, 2018



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Radio interview: Exclusive KE Report Commentary – Wed 25 Jan, 2017
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