In May 2018, Golden Predator launched the Kaska Nation Elders-in-Residence Program, a first of its kind for the exploration and mining sectors. The Elders-in-Residence Program, at the 3 Aces Project in southeast Yukon, works directly with Ross River Dena Council and Liard First Nation Elders to support learning and understanding, promote cultural awareness and share wisdom/and teachings as part of the exploration process. The Company is proud to pioneer this innovative and unique initiative.

At Golden Predator we hold Elders in the highest respect. They are the foundation of the community; their wisdom and guidance are irreplaceable and essential to help guide exploration and mining projects forward. Golden Predator continually strives to be respectful of First Nation stewardship of the land and we seek to consistently act as trailblazers and industry leaders. Innovative, mutually-beneficial initiatives such as the Elders-in-Residence Program are very important.

Two cabins at the 3 Aces Camp are permanent Elders residences for both the Ross River Dena Council and Liard First Nation. The Elders-in-Residence stay for a week with travel to and from site, plus all meals, provided.  A Physician’s Assistant is onsite and safety gear is provided.

In 2018 Elders stayed and worked with the exploration staff for the entire season proving guidance and leadership on matters ranging from human resources to cultural education and awareness. The season wrapped up with all staff, Elders and Youth representatives gathering at 3 Aces for a 3 day retreat. The program will continue into the future with guidance on implementation and content directed by the Elders.

In November 2018 Golden Predator and Kaska Elders presented the results of the program at the 2018 Yukon Geoscience.

For more information on program or to sign up please contact:

Susan Magun
Watson Lake Office Administrator

Janet Lee-Sheriff 
Chief Executive Officer